Heidi B. Fuller

Author/Media Host
HOMETOWN: Atlanta, Georgia
EMAIL: heidibfuller@hotmail.com

Heidi B. Fuller

A native and longtime resident of Atlanta, Georgia, Heidi B. Fuller is an Author, On- Air  TV and Radio personality, Media and marketing professional with more than 20 years of experience in providing consultation and support to corporations, small businesses, and local municipalities.  She is founder and former CEO of “Service with Élan,” a self-started marketing and promotions company, in which she provided talent for companies at various industry conventions and tradeshows.  Her client list included such companies as Coors Brewing, Coca Cola Company, Kia Automotive and Dillard’s Department Store.

Heidi B. Fuller is responsible for creating marketing and fundraising campaigns, brand awareness, and promotions for clients such as the Rockdale Chamber of Commerce, 100 Black Men of America and United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta.  In addition her present partnerships include Jessica Simpson, Vince Camuto, Eliza J, and UpTV (Uplifting Entertainment) just to name a few. Heidi B. Fuller also has joined the team of “We Are DeKalb Magazine” as the Public Relations representative as well as host of “We Are DeKalb TV”. She was honored in the 2009, 2010 and 2016 Who’s Who in Black Atlanta and also a lifetime member and mentor for Campfire USA, a national civic organization for youth. 

In conjunction with her media and marketing talent, Heidi B. Fuller is now climbing the production ladder of success.  As the past host on “The Fuller View,” on WATC-TV and host of “Joy In Our Town”, on TBN (the world’s largest Christian Network) with viewing audiences of over 5 million.  Heidi B. Fuller maintains the ability to market, produce, and film your product, services and stories all in one set. 

Presently, Ms. Fuller is the Global anchor for the "Black Women's Broadcasting Network" (BWBN), which airs on www.wigoam.com, Thursdays, at 2:00pm. This opportunity allows Heidi to use all her talents and skills to help elevate her audience.  The Black Women's Broadcasting Network focus is to recognize and share the realities of business at hand in the lives of Black Women throughout the world


"The best project you will ever work on, is you."

The words that we speak are powerful and so are the words we read. They can build us up or tear us down—be sweet like honey or bitter like tea—make us feel like a failure or become fuel for feeling victorious. This light-hearted book is full of phrases that will enlighten, empower and make you laugh out loud. They are reassuring and thought-provoking expressions that have rolled off our tongues for decades!

This book was a true eye opener for me and is sure to be for many others. As parents, mentors and leaders we must make a conscious effort to say things that will allow our children, and those who cross our path, to grow and be functional citizens in today’s society. No matter what color, creed or nationality we all want the same things for ourselves and our families—to be happy and loved.